How did you come up with the name A'naala?

1) The literal answer
"A'naala" is a combination of a word selected from three of the major languages in Nigeria. The Yoruba word, Asa; the Igbo word, Omenala and the Hausa word A'ladu. The word in each language translates to "Culture" in English.

Culture can be defined as the arts, customs, human manifestations of a particular group- a way of life.
We chose this word because A'naala promotes the idea that Art is life and Life is Art, one cannot exist without the other.

2) The demonstrative answer
Further more, by combining the three main Nigerian languages we show that we intend to explore the diversity of art, not just cross culturally but in terms of genre as well.

3) The contextual answer
We are fully aware that our name may not be the easiest to make sense of. In fact, some may argue it may not make any sense at all. However what is interesting about it is, its what we have chosen to represent the things we publish. And in a lot of ways its quite similar to art. You might not really get it,  and the thing is- you don't have to...but its there for your viewing pleasure.

What is the A'naala website about?
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How do I get in contact?
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Can I contribute to A'naala?

Absolutely! we would be happy to receive post submissions. Write up an article and send us an email and if we like it enough we'll post it!

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